On 1 February 2024 WorkSafe Tasmania will release a new Workers Compensation Claim Form and Workers Compensation Certificate of Capacity (medical certificate).  

The new claim form and certificate are designed to be user-friendly. They collect the information needed to support an efficient and effective workers compensation claim process. To contribute to positive return to work outcomes, the new Workers Compensation Certificate of Capacity (medical certificate) has an increased focus on the capacity of the injured worker and includes both physical and psychosocial capacity.

The new Workers Compensation Claim Form will be available via the WorkSafe website and workers will have the option to complete most of the new claim form digitally (download the form to their device and type answers into the form’s fields, then print it out and sign it by hand).  Alternatively, they can print the new claim form from the website and complete it entirely by hand.

What do you need to do? 

  • From now until 1 Feb 2024, keep using/referring to the current Workers Compensation Claim Form.
  • We will let you know when the new Workers Compensation Claim Form is ‘live’ on the WorkSafe Tasmania website.
  • If your internal website or documentation refers or links to the current claim form or medical certificates, plan any changes you need to make ready for the release of the new form and certificate on 1 February. We will provide you with the URL to the new claim form as soon as it is released. If we can help in the meantime, please get in touch.
  • The WorkSafe Tasmania website will be updated on 1 February 2024 to accompany the release of the claim form and certificate. As well as providing access to the claim form, there be changes to supporting information and guides (for example, the Workers Compensation Handbook).

Coming on 1 Feb 2024 – New workers compensation claim form and medical certificate (Tasmania)