Keep being COVID Safe at work
The Department of Health has classed the current risk level of COVID-19 in Tasmania as HIGH.

It is important that everyone is aware of the level of risk of COVID-19 so they can act quickly and proportionately to reduce their risk.

If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to review your COVID-19 risk assessment and safety plan. Being prepared and taking precautions is the best way to ensure we can continue our daily activities with as little interruption, and risk of illness, as possible.

Use your COVID-19 safety plan

You can keep your workers and customers in your workplace safe from the spread of these illnesses by continuing to apply your COVID-19 safety plan.

If the control measures that you currently have in place — masks, physical distancing, vaccinations, density limits, and cleaning and hygiene — have worked for your business, then we encourage you to maintain them (with regular review to ensure they remain effective).

Your COVID safe behaviours

Practising COVID safe behaviours is vital. This includes:

  • encouraging your workers to stay home if unwell and get tested if they have symptoms
  • encouraging your workers to keep up to date with vaccinations and boosters, for COVID and influenza
  • encouraging handwashing, and making sure your workplace always has sanitiser and handwashing supplies
  • encouraging physical distancing and mask-wearing. When COVID-19 is at high levels in the community you are strongly recommended to wear a face mask in all indoor public places and on public transport and in other settings if you cannot physically distance

The responsibility for deciding the controls and behaviours needed to keep us safe rests with us, as employers and workers.

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