The WorkCover Tasmania Board has now released a new Workers Compensation Claim Form, a new Dependants of Deceased Workers Claim Form and a new Workers Compensation Certificate of Capacity (medical certificate) for use in Tasmania. The new forms and certificate were developed in consultation with insurers, medical practitioners, rehabilitation providers, lawyers, workers, unions, employers and the Tasmanian Civil and Administrative Tribunal. They collect the information needed to support a timely and effective workers compensation claim process.

 The new workers compensation claim forms

A worker can claim for workers compensation if they suffer an injury or disease arising out of, or during, their employment. When a worker dies from a work-related injury or disease, their dependants may be entitled to workers compensation. The new forms required to make a claim for workers compensation are now available directly from the WorkSafe Tasmania website. They have been simplified, streamlining the information to make it easier for workers and dependants to complete. Most of the sections on the forms can now be competed digitally, or they can be printed and completed entirely by hand.

The new Workers Compensation Certificate of Capacity (medical certificate)

Workers claiming for workers compensation also need a medical certificate completed by a medical practitioner. The new Workers Compensation Certificate of Capacity (medical certificate) has now been released to medical practitioners for their use in Tasmania. It is available via medical practice software such as Medical Director and Best Practice and from the WorkSafe Tasmania website. As the name suggests, the certificate better supports positive return-to-work outcomes by focussing on what the worker can do (their capacity rather than their incapacity) and by considering both the worker’s physical and psychosocial capacity for work.

Where to find the new claim forms

Please update your internal website or documentation to the new claim forms if relevant.

If you have questions, you can contact WorkSafe Tasmania by calling 1300 366 322 or emailing